GoldinSkin is more than a cosmetic dermatology practice. We offer dermatologic medical services that often go deeper than just looking at the superficial skin condition. We look for the underlying etiology of the problem and try to treat its root cause. Here are just a few examples of the treatments and innovations that we bring to the table:

Certain types of skin cancers can develop after your skin has been exposed to the sun over a number of years or if you have gone to a tanning bed in the past. Most of these sun-induced skin cancers, like basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas, are unlikely to spread. However, more serious melanoma skin cancers may occasionally develop in both sun-exposed and covered areas of your body.

The physicians at GoldinSkin can accurately diagnose skin cancers and help identify the path of treatment that’s most sensible for you.

Dr. Goldin has a special interest in early melanoma detection in patients who are at higher risk of developing this deadly type of skin cancer. Melanomas are curable when detected and treated early, so we want to catch and treat them as soon as possible.

You are at higher risk for melanoma if you have:

  • 20 or more moles
  • A history of melanoma
  • A family history of melanoma
  • A history of “pre-melanoma,” “dysplastic nevi,” or “atypical moles”

Our goal is to avoid removing numerous non-cancerous spots. To do this we evaluate and follow lesions with:

  • Dermoscopy (looks at the pigment pattern under the skin)
  • Full body photography
  • Sequential photographs of suspicious moles

Please tell us if you have any new or changing moles.

Some patients have many moles. It is often difficult to tell which of the many moles is really a malignant melanoma that needs to be removed. To identify moles that are potentially dangerous, the physicians at GoldinSkin use a dermatoscope. This is a special device that shows the underlying pigment patterns in a mole that allows the trained user to determine if a mole is a melanoma.

In order to minimize the number of suspicious lesions removed, we can monitor a mole closely for subtle changes that may suggest an evolving melanoma. We take sophisticated photographic dermatoscopic images of the suspicious mole, and monitor it over the course of several months for growth or a change of its pigment pattern.

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop there. GoldinSkin is also the only dermatology practice on Chicago’s North Shore to offer full body photography of moles. Why is this important? With so many skin lesions to evaluate on a patient, we’ve found full body photography to be one of the most effective ways to know precisely which moles are new and which are changing. After taking a series of high-quality professional photographs, we supply the patient with a password-protected CD with a special program that allows the patient to review their own moles for change. GoldinSkin will review these photos on a periodic basis to pinpoint any differences between the photos and the current state of the patient’s moles.

Over-the-counter treatments and medications often work. But when your acne or rosacea resists these simple therapies, it’s time for an approach that’s far more individualized to your specific skin type. GoldinSkin’s extensive background in the treatment of acne and rosacea enables us to call upon a full range of topical medications, oral antibiotics and more.

In women, we look for hormonal influences on the skin. We tend to use birth control pills and other safe medications that block aggravating hormonal acne flares.

When acne is very stubborn and has not responded to milder prescription treatments, the doctors at GoldinSkin will prescribe a course of isotretinoin (Accutane) to establish a long lasting remission.

The doctors at GoldinSkin have extensive experience and sophisticated tools to clear your psoriasis. Our approach is to first clear your psoriasis plaques, and then devise a regimen to keep you clear using the lowest strength regimen possible.

We are unique because we offer a wide range of services not found in most other dermatology practices to fight your psoriasis.

After creams and ointments, a mainstay of our psoriasis regime involves narrow band ultraviolet B (UVB) light therapy. We are one of the few practices in the northern Chicago area who offer this treatment. Narrow band UVB treatments expose the skin to an increasing dose of a specific wavelength of UVB light (311 nm). Unlike sunlight or tanning beds, narrow band UVB light does not induce melanoma. There are very few side effects and it is safe for use during pregnancy and while nursing.

GoldinSkin has the expertise and experience in prescribing systemic medications as well. Rest assured that you are in good hands whether you need methotrexate or the newest biological drug, which attacks psoriasis at its root cause – the immune system.

One special treatment we offer is PUVA soak therapy. This involves immersing the affected area in a solution containing Psoralen, a prescription medicine that makes ultraviolet A light more effective on the skin. This soak is then followed by exposure to ultraviolet A light. PUVA soak therapy can often clear difficult psoriasis on the palms and soles, which has not responded to other treatments. It has a greater chance of a long-term remission and avoids many other short-term, recurring treatments. We also use PUVA soak therapy for hand and foot eczema.

GoldinSkin is also one of the few practices in the Chicagoland area that offers treatments with the Xtrac Excimer Laser. This is a medical laser that beams a high dose of narrow band UVB light onto the psoriasis plaques. Such treatments are far more effective than topical creams. It is especially useful to treat tough psoriasis plaques on the scalp. GoldinSkin is often referred patients by other dermatologists in the area because of our proficiency with this laser.

It can be very disturbing when white patches appear on your skin. GoldinSkin takes this problem seriously and utilizes many modalities to attack it. We may start with creams and ointments. We may add vitamins and anti-oxidants. If it is widespread, we may use our narrow band ultraviolet B light box unit. If it is relatively localized, we may use our Xtrac excimer laser, which is the first FDA-approved laser for the treatment of vitiligo. This laser is also FDA-approved for the treatment of psoriasis plaques.

Nothing seems worse when you are itching from a rash that won’t clear up. It often interferes with your sleep, your work and your personal relationships. GoldinSkin is aggressive in finding ways to relieve these problems. When the source of the rash is not known, we may perform patch testing to determine its underlying cause. We often treat itchy rashes and eczema with topical medications, pills and light therapy.

Many doctors treat warts with cryotherapy, a procedure in which the warts are frozen with liquid nitrogen. While this treatment is often effective for simple warts, it may not work for larger warts or warts in areas that are more resistant to treatment. No one wants to have these painful treatments over and over – especially if they are not working.

Many dermatologists and podiatrists in the area refer patients to GoldinSkin because of our continued success with Bleomycin injections. Bleomycin is a chemotherapy drug that kills the wart virus when injected in very dilute concentrations. These injections are especially beneficial when a wart hasn’t responded to other types of treatments.

Dr. Goldin helped found the Cook County Hospital Wound Healing Task Force in the mid-1980’s and uses his experience and expertise to treat leg ulcers and other wound that just won’t heal. These are the challenges we’re glad to take on at GoldinSkin and we’ve thrived on our success in this area.

It can be terribly embarrassing when you sweat profusely from your armpits or palms. This excessive sweating can interfere with your performance at work and your personal relationships.

GoldinSkin can reduce your excessive sweating using topical solutions and oral medications. If these fail, we turn off your sweating with Botox or Xeomin injections. We also utilize iontophoresis treatments in which a mild electric current blocks the sweat pores and significantly reduces sweating on the palms and soles.

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